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Hello guys! Here’s todays blog a little late I know BUT Ally and I decided to improve our blog quite a bit and so I took some time to make a decent picture and not the usual simple white background. I really hope you like it.

Furthermore we will add a blogroll and make the store names tpable. [Click on the name and tp to the store, comprendé?]

On Lux:

Skin: !Imabee – Petal – Miranda [Freebie]
Hair: Tiny Bird – Land Locked Blues – Light Ash Brown
Shirt: *League* – Grandad Vests Long – Camel
Jacket: {SMS} – Fur Shrug
Skirt: *League*– Thermal Skirt – Camel
Shoes: *Kookie – Vintage Armarda Boots
Bangles: Zaara – Indra painted stacked bangles
Socks: Grixdale – Antique –  Sock Set – Vintage [Freebie]

I love the freebie skin from Imabee. I’ve always been a fan of her store though her skins don’t ever seem to suit my shape :[ which makes me really sad but someday, promise, I’ll run into that store and buy heaps of skins. If you are searching for skins with the focus on the nose and little more make up than just the usual plain, freckles and pink version GO TO HER STORE! Make Brendon Papp rich.
À propos [I should really stop with my wannabe, arrogant french!] another great designer you should make rich is Autumn Hykova [I like that name]. She has a very cute, not so small hair store with very different and creative hairstyles. They have no flexi prims but seriously who buys flexi prims? They look like sh*t. So if you are searching a specific hairstyle and haven’t found it yet come here and you will find something!

So hello hair addicts here is another “must have” store you can add to your landmark list.



Hello gorgeous

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It’s spring, it’s sunny and Luxy is getting all excited in Germany loving every minute of sunshine she can catch before running into the next building. So here’s another of my “I’m so happy it’s spring” posts.On Lux:
Skin: :::IrEn::: – -=Lilly=- – Sunkissed
Hair: Tiny Bird – Soon Enough – Brown
Jacket & scarf: Peqe – Flowery Jacket  – (Blue)
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* – Silk Gauze Dress – Dried Jeans
Shoes: :Kookie: – Vo pumps – Pillar red

Hello ladies and maybe even gents!
I want to proudly present you IrEn! The skin I’m wearing currently is one of Irischka Hotshots newest released and I think the skin is GORGEOUS! It comes with 11 make-up options on a tattoo layer, a brow form and cleavage enhancer and all for only 750l. CAN YOU COMPLAIN? NO, YOU CAN’T! So do me a favor and go to IrEn, buy the skin, make the owner rich, support her, love the skin, wear it day and night and show her that she’s doing a great job and should continue releasing awesome skins! Furthermore this talented girl sells hairstyles and clothing and has just released a cute red dress with a zipper in the back.
So please, please, please support her and show her some loving and buy, buy, buy!


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Why hello there blog-world. :)

I’ve been literally thinking about doing this post all day (which wasnt difficult seeing as I was bored out of my mind during classes today XD ). It was something about the combination of this wonderful high-waisted skirt and the lace top(that I’ve always been dying to do a post with, and finally found the right skirt for it) that just had me crazy. Well, enjoy folks! <3

Skin: Vive9

Hair: Vive9

Shirt: Epoque

Skirt: Peqe

Belt: Maitreya

Shoes: Vive9

Pose: TeaSoup

Tweed Tuesday

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Hello :)

So I splurged today and bought this fabulous skin from Leltuka (gushes over it for a few minutes) and these shorts from Mon Tissu that I have been dying to have. Paired it with a nice tank top (also from Mon Tissu) and this trendy blazer that is available in plain or checkered.

Enjoy! <3
















Skin: Lelutka

Hair: Vive9

Shit: Mon Tissu

Blazer: **DP**yumyum

Shorts: Mon Tissu

Shoes: Anexx


It’s spring!

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From left to right:

Skin: Laqroki – Tasha2
Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) – Lise*LB – ver*BLACK [closed]
Dress: {paper.doll} – CocktailMini – Champagne
Bangles: [MANDALA] – Takara Bangle – Animal Fur Set
Shoes: Republic – Alexander – Brown Patent

Skin: IrEn -=Willow=-
Hair: Clawtooth – Fancy Fancy – Coco
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry*– Pivano Dress – Black
Jacket: !Ohmai – Hamilton Military – WILDWINE [closed]
Shoes: ANEXX – FiveBeltsBoots – Gray

Skin: :[Plastik]: – Lionheart-Story – August
Hair: !lamb. – Mister Sister – Chocolate Bars Pack
Jacket: (The Secret Store) – Les Bleuets – Limited Edition
Blouse: {SMS} – Prairie Blouses – Pink
Pants: Kyoot – Cozy Floral Tights
Shoes: :Kookie:: – Nyox Hobbit  boots

Skin: [PF] Skye – <Chai> – Manna
Hair: (Posh) – Naive – Sunflower
Shirt: [W&B] Maddy Lace – Inset Top
Pants: Doppelganger Inc. – Frost Jeans
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Group Gift for Valentine’s Day <3 SHOES <3 [old]

All eyes from Poetic Eyes except for the ones on the very right. Those are from ROD Studio.
Pose from Baffle. It’s a freebie and it’s called Friendship<3 though I’m not sure if they still have it as a gift.
Have a lovely tuesday!


Monday – At school

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Yeah I probably wouldn’t look like this at school since I don’t want teachers looking up my crotch, HELLO PERVS?! but I just like the combination and the nerdish touch to it 8]

Skin: L.Fauna – {Lapine . Tan 1} – Opium
Hair: Tiny Bird – Laundry Day Hair – True Black
Shirt: *Linc* – Nerdieh
Jacket: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie – Green
Stockings: League – Ella Stockings – Light Blue
Shoes: DECO – Trail Boots

HELLO! Look at those shoes NOW but don’t look too long. Those shoes are some of the newest releases at DECO and I love them but atm they look like shit because a) I was too lazy to edit them much b) they are a pain to edit BUT they are soooo adorable so get them. GET THEM FAST. Those are shoes so there’s no excuse not to get them.

I decided to make this outfit shortly after doing the pic with Ally. It looked so perfectly geekish and reminded me of school that I had to post it. Excusez moi and shame on me for not editing it but I have no time right now but wanted to give you something to read  & more awesome posts. Hope you all had an awesome day like me and all the best.


Monday – What a start

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Ally on the left:

Skin: Vive9 — Abbey in Tan – Matte Lipstick 02 base 02
Hair: Vive9 – Bruna
Shirt: Emery
Shorts: Milk Motion – My Jean Shorts
Shoes: (TokiD)Group Gift 2011
Pose: No clue .. ally that evil bitch didnt tell me >:D

On the right Lux:

Skin: &Bean – Hounds of Love – DEL TAN
Hair: [e] – Comfort – Blonde 11
Cardigan: Tee*fy – Splashes Blazer – TDR
Shirt: *TD* – Done Up Halter Top – 50L friday [Old]
Pants: PIDIDDLE – NY Underground Pant – CHIC LIMITED
Shoes: *Coco* – _FlatAnkleBoots_Black [Freebie]
Pose: PR!TTY Pose – Don’t Hate Me, I’m Just Amazing

I had a great start and a sunny monday. Do you know how rare that is momentarily? I got my beloved Minnetonkas and a pair of sunglasses and took a walk. Believe it or not, the air smelled like spring. Ooohh .. lovely.

But I was active enough to get my lazy ass into SL and create you a new outfit. ACTUALLY Ally and I both created two pretty outfits. Doesn’t she look like she’s about to get suntanned? Her clothing is screaming “SUMMER, SUN, ICE CREAM, HEAT, BOYS. My outfit is more a modern version of a school girl-ish like girl. A cute cardigan with some kickass pants and leather boots.

So I hope you really, really like it OH AND VISIT CHIC LIMITED. It’s so awesome those designers make me DROOL!

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